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Key facts about Vinsobres

According to Sommelier and Rhone Ambassador CHRISTOPHE TASSAN, "Vinsobres wines are fresh and fleshy, Vinsobres offers up an accomplished jigsaw of oak trees, hillsides, plateaux and little islands with delightful, protective shade."

The appellation's soil here are very stony, red to brown in colour, and their warmth allows the vines to flourish early with a high concentration of grapes. Made mainly of Grenache and Syrah, they produce dark red wines with a complex, harmonious nose with spiced flavours that are suitable for ageing.

Vinsobres is characterized by a distribution of classes with a homogeneous altitude, from 184m to 509m, for an average height of 329m. The AOC's terroir is found between Valréas Miocene sedimentary basin, and that of Aygues basin - the Mediterranean mountain stream that is millions of years old, carrying large clastic rocks from the Alpine slopes.

Four types of soil lie atop each other... Between 10m and 50m above the bed of the Aygues, the terroir is made up of moderately sloped shelves or hillsides. Then between 230m and 260m, 260m and 350m, and above 350m: the high hillsides that dominate the alluvial sections are composed of Mid- and Upper Miocene deposits. These marls, or sandy marine and continental marls, are crowned with marls and Miocene conglomerates that are especially rich in base elements. These elements were cut, and then packed during the Pliocene period by conglomerate marls to the north-east of the village. The summits of the hills are made of very stony plateaus.


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