Managed by Larry Arnold, Spinnakers' Spirit merchants is located on Canada's West Coast, in beautiful Victoria, B.C. We visited the newly-opened store in the heart of James Bay Square and enjoyed a tasting of Rhone Gang wines served with delicious local cheeses and charcuterie, in the company of many happy private customers.

Our friend Alfons from Free House organized two great events at the splendid Fairmont hotel.

We welcome many professional customers, and did not only taste wine, but paired them with delicious cuisine ... and played a few songs too !

Cafe Brio is a great restaurant with the best Italian cuisine. What a delicious dinner we had !

The Rhone Gang rhymes with style, don't you agree ?

Congratulation to Chef Ito for the very fine lunch !

Alfons, we love you ! What a pleasure it is to work with joy !

The Rhone Gang raiders take the plane to Vancouver.

A splendid view of Vancouver from the plane.

Tasting lunch with wine critics.

Tasting at the OPUS Hotel.

The charming squad of Free House was there to support the country boys from Rhone.

It's good to be a gangster !...

Beautiful Sommelier Van Doren at the OPUS hotel in the company of four bad guys.

Rudi, Abigail from Free House and Fred enjoying the friendly atmosphere and excellent food at Tapastree.

We took the plane to Edmonton and had a great dinner at Normand's, pairing our Rhone wines with delicious game. It was so cold in Edmonton that Rudi and Arnaud went to Ceili's Irish pub with a great big guy.

Rudi and William Bincoletto.

Happy guys in Edmonton

Blues brother Louis.

The Gang just arrived in Calgary. A tasting is organized in the hype bar of restaurant Teatro in Olympic Plaza.

We had a delicious lunch at Teatro and we had the pleasure to meet Wine Director Toshi Karino.

A great thanks to Free House Calgary team. It's been just fantastic !

Willow Park is one of the most amazing wine shops we have seen. We did a great promotion there. Thank you Julie Fitzsimmons for welcoming us in your place.