Stylish restaurant Chez Papa offering delicious southern France cuisine.

Jeanty is an excellent Bistro Francais, now managed by talented Luc Chamberland

We had such a friendly and tasty dinner at l'Ardoise ! Thank you Thierry. This place is just great. Sang Ae, you are beautiful !

La Terrasse is another great restaurant, close to the Bay Bridge, where you can enjoy our wines.

Rudi and Arnaud with Winemaker Negociant Jim Powers

Here is a great wine shop/bar called 750ML where you can taste several wines by the glass and find HOLDUP !

1550 Hyde is another good restaurant and wine bar where the Rhone Gang wines are served. The wine list is just amazing !

Welcome to Adel's Wine Cellar. This nice epicerie on 17th and Cole Streets is run by the talented Adel and boasts a fantastic range of fine wines and spirits.

Miki from Monterrey Market will be pleased to offer you the Rhone Gang wines. You can find here the best vegetables and mushrooms. Miam, miam !

Our winemaker friend Dave from Municipal wineries in Santa Barbara. Bright white and Dark red are my favourites.

Rudi at the Ferry Plaza Wine shop

The Rhone Gangsters cruised the Bay ! Yeah !