For the first time, IIDA organized a fantastic Rhone Gang tour in Japan : we travelled from Osaka to Hiroshima, Nagoya and Sapporo ! It gave us the opportunity to meet wonderful people from many different regions and introduce them to our estates, wines and culture. It has been a great experience for everybody, and a lot of work and time for IIDA people. We are very grateful to them and everyone will see from the pictures that we surely all had a great time !

Big surprise in Osaka with a RG party in Bouchon N2 with IIDA staff and customers. Very nice ambiance !

Yes, we DO drink beer too !!! and we enjoyed Sake present from our big friend !

We had a fantastic tasting day in Hiroshima, and funny time too !

We then left Hiroshima, and worked hard in Nagoya. We had a delicious dinner at White Stage in a hot atmosphere. Louis was definitely the star of the evening ! At the same time, Rudi was lying in bed with a bad flu. Thank you so much Kazuko san for taking care of him and taking him to hospital.

Then it was another train, another plane. We looked a bit like a rock band on the road ...

Arrival in Hokkaido. Great island with a lot of snow, beautiful landscapes and ONSEN.

Rhone Gangsters meet Japanese Samourai ! No pictures of the hot bath, but good relax time.

We had a delicious Hokkaido style dinner at the Onsen hotel. Thank you so much IIDA san for inviting us and thank you Mrs SUGA for your very kind welcome !

Another big surprise ! After a tasting day in Sapporo, we had an interview with Hokkaido local radio.

Mizuki san, always genki !

Can you believe it ? A rhone Gang tramway in Hokkaido ! Such a great idea ! The travellers could enjoy snacks, Rhone wines and chanson. Unbelievable !

Thank you Morita san, Nagashima san, Sekine san, Midori san and Michael san for taking care of us in Hokkaido. Great organisation and time, indeed !