bottle holdup Holdup has succeeded in reuniting two not-so-distant cousins: Burgundy and the Rhône. These two world-famous wine regions share a winemaking spirit with deep, age-old roots, that comes to fruition in the fact that they both favor the flavor of well-aged Pinot Noir and Grenache. Both boast the depth and range of aromas and flavors that are their shared heritage of age-old Pinot Noir and Grenache. Burgundy is a genuine source of inspiration for the Rhône Gang bunch of vintners, when it comes to the techniques and materials of cultivation, on the one hand, and the quest for balance, precision, and complexity in the aroma profile of the wines, on the other. We are so fond of these two varietals that, in order to corral them both, we were obliged to organize a holdup!

Holdup, easily recognized by its four sets of moustaches, is the first blend EVER of Pinor Noir (70%) and Grenache (30%) in France.

It harmonizes all the qualities born of the distinctive soils and sun of Burgundy and the Rhône to make for an exceptional mouthful: first, a fresh dash of red fruit (cherry and currant), along with the mineral hint of Pinot Noir; then, mid-mouth, the sweetness and sensuality of Grenache: and for the finale, a dash of black pepper. Vinification and further maturing is accomplished in vats, to bring the fruit to its maximum.